Yen Chee Design Logo and identity

Winner of 2009 American Graphic Design Award

The logo for jewelry designer Yen Chee had to fit with the design of Yen's work, but also her personal aesthetic. The logo had to be a distictive brand mark that would easily identify her work and immediately give people a feeling for the type of work she does.

Drawing inspiration from her personal style and the clean, contemporary, sophisticated work that she does, I created a distictive mark that is simple enough to be used as a tiny imprinted stamp on the back of her handmade sterling silver jewelry.

My greatest compliment came from a lifelong friend of Yen's who told me that the logo “just perfectly says 'Yen'. It's just her.” That is my ultimate goal in any logo design – to perfectly represent the client – and I could not ask for a higher compliment.

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Yen Chee Design

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