The design of this website for Minneapolis-based commercial furniture dealer, Parameters, Inc was influenced heavily by the beautiful design of their new office and showroom space in downtown Minneapolis.

Drawing on design elements from the interior architecture of their space, I designed a website that represents Parameters' brand personality and the lines of products that they represent.

Known widely as the sole representative of Knoll commercial furniture in the region, Parameters wanted to also showcase the wide range of furnishings, accessories, architectural walls and other products that they represent. The products themselves thus became the primary visual focus of the website, within a visual design that positions Parameters in an appropriately forward-looking, modern and classy light.

The home page prominently features photos that slowly fade from one image to another, and headers throughout the site feature product photos that are randomly chosen, so that a visitor sees many different images throghout the site. An 'Idea Center' section of the website features hundreds of product photos for users to browse, and a customized print page allows users to print the product photos on a sheet that includes Parameters' logo and contact information.


Parameters, Inc.

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