Creative, clear and compelling visual solutions to set you apart from the crowd. From concise, easy-to-use information graphics to creative, compelling illustration and design, THINK Graphic Design can help move your company forward.


Red Rock Crossing logo and visual identity
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Suburb to Suburb Transit Service Map and Schedule
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Landmark to Lowertown logo and identity
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Union Depot illustration
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Yen Chee Design logo and identity. American Graphic Design Award winner.
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Logo and identity for Tiburon, California-based custom homebuilder Derek Burke Construction.
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Website for Minneapolis-based commercial furniture dealer Parameters.
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Rochester, NY Transit System Map
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Waukesha Metro Transit System Map and Rider Guide. First Place APTA Adwheel Award winner.
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I'm Rick Schuster and I founded THINK Graphic Design in 2006 after more than 14 years in the graphic design field. I am an independent designer based in Minneapolis, focused on finding creative, clear and compelling design solutions that best meet the needs of my clients. I firmly believe that effective design can have a direct impact on the success of a business, and I've been fortunate to find clients who believe the same.


Good graphic design is a process of thinking, analyzing, and communicating. It begins with communicating with the client – about goals, objectives and strategies – in order to reach a creative, clear and compelling solution.

My design process is anchored in strong problem-solving skills, clear communication with the client, and clearly defined objectives.

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Working with me

As my client, you'll find yourself closely involved in the design process, with opportunity to provide a lot of input and feedback. I like to involve the client in all stages of the design process to ensure that the clients' needs are being met. A client is likely to see a lot of rough concepts early in a project in order to help steer the results to the best possible outcome.

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